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Drapery Cleaning Service - A Cleaner, Drier Way Drapery Cleaning Service - A Cleaner, Drier Way

To practically eliminate the problems of shrinkage and fabric damage, an ON-SITE process of drapery cleaning has been established.

Chem-Dry developed a non-toxic Drapery Dry Cleaning solution. The solution is not only safe for the customer and technician who does the cleaning but is also safe for applications on most types of fabrics, even those that have been weakened by the sun. On-Site cleaning has a number of advantages.

Another advantage of cleaning drapes on the rail is that this eliminates the inconvenience of a customer having to take down and re-hang the curtains.

There is no chance for drapery shrinkage and fabric damage as water is not used in the process. Despite the process being gentler on the drapes, there is a vast improvement in the drapery's appearance.

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